Trade Unions in Transformation 4.0: 6th Session "New Apps on the Block - Unions going digital"

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The digital transformation and the Covid-19 pandemic are forcing trade unions to urgently improve their digital fitness. When workers are dispersed or must work from home, established communication channels between union offices and the shop floor level are interrupted - Conventional trade union action is impeded - and unions must innovate.

On a more structural level, the local disembedding of economic activities and the informalisation of labour relations have been posing questions to unions' capacities to communicate with and organize workers, to challenge new market players such as digital platforms, and to create spaces for negotiation and advocacy.

Increasingly, unions are beginning to develop solutions to overcome communication barriers and to build stronger organizations. In this online debate, we want to explore what the state of debate and practice is in unions' digital innovations. Discussing examples from unions in Argentina and Uganda, we aim to provide insights into the potential of technology and, more specifically, union apps to build workers power. What problems can union apps solve? What has been learned in the development and use of union apps? How can we create synergies in the labour movement to effectively build the right tools?

The event will be translated simultaneously in English/Spanish/French/Portuguese.

Introduction and overview:
- Victoria Basualdo (FLACSO) and Mirko Herberg (FES)

- Dr Christina Colclough, The Why Not Lab, Switzerland
- Juan Ottaviano, San Martín University, Argentina
- John Mark Mwanika, ATGWU, Uganda

Moderators: Victoria Basualdo and Mirko Herberg

We look forward to welcoming you!


Montag, 14.12.20
16:00-18:00 Uhr






Julia Schultz