Strategy debates global

How are political movements positioned? How do they react to changes in the society and with which topics do they position themselves where in the political debate?
In this overview of political strategy debates of political parties in selected European and non-European countries, the authors strive to present political analyzes not in text form, but graphically and pointedly. We hope with this product contributes to a constructive discussion.

USA - Midterm elections 2018

Bild: Midterm elections USA: Map of all wings von FES 


Bild: Strategy debates Hungary von FES 


Bild: Strategy debates Italy von FES 


Bild: Strategy Debates Spain von FES 

Germany November 2017

Bild: Strategy Debates Germany: Party and voter positions von FES 

Strategy Debates of Social Democratic Parties in Europe 2017

Bild: Strategy Debates: Social Democratic parties in Europe von FES 


Bild: Strategy debates Austria von FES 

France - Legislative election 2017

Bild: Strategy Debates France von FES 

United Kingdom

Bild: Strategy debates UK von FES 


Strategy debates Germany

Bild: Strategiedebatten Deutschland von FES 

France - Presidential election 2017

Strategy debates France

Bild: Strategy debates France von FES 


Strategy debates Netherlands

Bild: Strategy debates Netherlands: Overview von FES 


Strategy debates Canada

Bild: Strategy Debates Canada: Overview von FES 


Strategy debates Sweden

Bild: Strategy Debates Sweden: Overview von FES 

Strategiedebatten global

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