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Short Online Course on Union Tech - Trade Unions in Transformation 4.0

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Addressing an expressed need of trade unionists this 4 part course unites participants to build their capacity to effectively design and use new digital technologies. What are the pitfalls, the challenges and the possibilities? Come and be inspired by, and discuss with, some of the world¿s leading experts and share your good (and bad!) experiences.

The 4 workshops will be practical, to-the-point yet as innovative as possible. They will take their point of departure in a vision of a sustainable union-wide and union-led digital transformation process. This is not a course that will recommend concrete solutions. Rather the workshops will offer the space for discussion, avenues for change and will suggest helpful tools for unions to make their own digital transformation strategies. Throughout we will inspire and unpack the possibilities unions have to empower themselves and their members through responsible UnionTech.

The course starts with the workshop "A Union-Wide Transformation" which introduces a "Digital Maturity Framework" toolkit that can aid union transformation so it covers a range of necessary dimensions: from leadership, to union culture, to campaigning, data skills, capacities and collective bargaining. Launching from there, the participants will meet some of the world¿s most progressive developers who only build tech for good and whose tools put privacy at their heart. The second workshop "Expanding Horizons" will widen participants' knowledge of what is digitally possible, even where privacy and worker empowerment are at the core. Workshop 3 "Now What?" builds on the first two and asks "We have an organisational plan in place, we know what is possible, how then do we go about building tools that meet our members known and yet also unknown needs?" The last workshop will cover the all important theme of data storytelling - analysing and visualising union data for maximum outcome. Experience the magic and imagination of a good data analyst - see the potentials and discuss how data storytelling can support union campaigns, advocacy and collective bargaining.

The 4 workshops will take place in April and May 2021. A rapid fire, intense course where maximum benefit comes from being present at all four workshops.

Workshop 1 April 12 at 13:00 CET A Union-Wide Transformation
Workshop 2 May 3 at 13:00 CET Expanding Horizons
Workshop 3 May 17 at 13:00 CET Now What?
Workshop 4 May 31 at 13:00 CET Data Storytelling

The workshop is for trade union staff who are engaged in digital transformation processes or who wish to be. Commitment to all four workshops would be advantageous.

Speakers: Dr. Christina J. Colclough, Founder of the Why Not Lab, will lead us through the 4 workshops.

She will be joined by:
- Nathan Freitas, Founder of the Guardian Project and Affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard Law School
- Dr Jonnie Penn, Researcher at Cambridge University, founder of Centr.ai, historian of information technology, broadcaster, and public speaker
- Dan Calacci, Researcher at the MIT Media Lab, cofounder of Riff Analytics


Montag, 31.05.21
13:00-14:30 Uhr






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