Museum Karl-Marx-Haus in Trier

For organisational reasons the museums is closed on 27 August 2018. On 29 August the house will be opened at 12:15 pm.

Museum Karl-Marx-Haus

I’ll be gone for a bit … like me, my birthplace is getting on in years and desperately needs a facelift.

That’s why my museum will be closed from September 16, 2017, to May 4, 2018. A new permanent exhibition will be installed after the working parts of the house have been renovated. The exhibition will be about my life, my ideas and their impact on history into the 21st century.

Starting with my 200th birthday on May 5, 2018, the museum will be open for everyone who has an interest in me.

However, during the closing period from October 2017 to April 2018, my team will continue to offer a terrific event programme in the administration building across from the museum.

We’ll be seeing one another … on May 5, 2018, at the latest!

Your Karl


Brückenstr. 10
54290 Trier

Administration Karl-Marx-Haus
Brückenstr. 5
54290 Trier

+49 (651) 970 68-0
+49 (651) 970 68-140
Twitter: @Marx2018
Facebook: Marx2018

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