The Mission: To ensure safe cities


Christos Katsioulis

+43 (0) 1 890 3811 201


What is the challenge?

  • 75% of Europeans live in cities. It is in overcrowded cities with various social groups competing for space and resources and where tensions are concentrated and likely to erupt.
  • In these cities, women, children, and marginalised groups feel the least safe and secure.
  • Individual and group fear leads to withdrawal, social isolation of individuals, and the detachment of groups from wider society.

    What is the solution?

    This mission is set to make European cities safer by:

    1. Seeing cities through the eyes of women and young people and as such, planning and shaping urban landscapes to ensure they feel more secure.
    2. Putting money in the hands of those who know the problems best. “Participatory budgeting” would allow the local community to spend municipal funds where it is most needed.
    3. Adopting a holistic approach to diversity policy in consultation with as many communities and stakeholders as possible in order to minimise exclusion and foster social cohesion among different societal groups.
    4. Establishing community centres as local contact points in case of natural disasters or other failures of critical infrastructure.
    5. Adopting a zero tolerance to violence. This involves further restriction of illegal weapons, increasing international police cooperation and tackling transnational criminal enterprises. 

    And how can this mission benefit Europeans?

    • This mission makes cities safer and improves the quality of life for all citizens.
    • Cities in Europe would become more welcoming and inclusive, which would strengthen social cohesion and encourage democratic participation.
    • This mission would also show the European Union as a force for positive change in citizens’ locality and offer tangible help in case of emergencies.

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