The Mission: Let’s close the European raw material circle


Claudia Detsch

+32 470 70 46 34


What is the challenge?

  • European industry demands too many raw materials, which drives climate change and reduces biodiversity.
  • In addition, these materials often come from politically unstable countries under authoritarian rules or are scarce, and their supply is becoming increasingly contested and even weaponised. 

    What is the solution?

    This mission aims to close the raw material circle by:

    1. Improving recycling rates with incentives for the development of more efficient collection systems and recovery technologies, and ensuring manufactured products are designed to be easily recycled after use.
    2. Setting EU-wide material-specific quotas for recycling secondary raw materials.
    3. Involving industry advisory councils to make the recycling sector an attractive proposition for both businesses and workers.
    4. Enforcing a digital ‘product passport’ to list a product’s components, as well as how to repair and dispose of it, to make recycling easier, and to ensure transparency throughout the product cycle, which would inform consumers about their choice.

    How would this mission benefit Europeans?

    • A circular economy would help mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss, the benefits of which cannot be overstated.
    • A stronger European circular economy would offer many high-quality jobs.
    • Externally, it would help reduce the EU’s reliance on authoritarian regimes and safeguard the economy ensuring job security and prosperity.
    • The product passports would enable consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

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