The Mission: Start-up Europe


Ernst Hillebrand

+36 1 461 60 11


What is the challenge?

  • Innovation and cutting-edge business practices will become vital if Europe is to stay competitive with the US and East Asia, but the business world is concentrated in certain areas and limited to a “business” class rather than researchers.
  • In addition, to date, EU start-ups have had to rely too heavily on US risk capital.

    What is the solution?

    The mission is set to “start-up” the EU economy by:

    1. Creating an extensive network of business and “spin-off” centres at universities to encourage the transformation of university research into commercial product and process innovations.
    2. Including practical business know-how in the education curriculum.
    3. Establishing a network of innovation hubs and business support structures in regions outside the usual business centres. These would help launch any type of start-up, including craft, industrial, agricultural or cultural businesses, as well as social, non-profit enterprises.
    4. Improving access to start-up finance through tax incentives and EU funding.

    How would this mission benefit Europeans?

    • Start-up Europe would equip anyone with an idea to become a potential business creator.
    • It would provide the basis for the creation of new opportunities, especially in remote regions and rural areas where start-ups could create jobs, tax revenues and local wealth.

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