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The time for thinking about political concepts is now!

The time for thinking about political concepts is now!

The large number of refugees arriving in Germany, especially in 2015, was and remains a challenge for politics and society. However, many developments have taken place, numerous immediate challenges have been met. Therefore, the question of how a long-term and sustainable integration policy might look like is of utmost relevance today. Now is the time for thinking about political concepts that:

  • Enable integration
  • Guarantee a fair participation in society
  • Ensure, that different social groups cannot be pitted against each other.

In its political consultancy work, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung develops integration policy proposals for refugees in Germany and Europe and puts these proposals up for discussion.

Main topics are:

  • Integration into the education system;
  • Questions on access to the job market and necessary qualifications;
  • Distribution of tasks and burdens between federal, state and local authorities;
  • Real opportunities for participation, so that refugees are not degraded to objects;
  • Exchanges on successful integration policy with other states;
  • Local examples of good practice for successful integration.

On this website you can find continuously updated results of our work with links to studies, expert assessments and conference reports.

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“We need to find new creative ways for enabling full participation”

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