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    The Bratislava Integration Forum 2019

    The sixth edition of the Integration Forum reacted to the current discussion about the foreigners in the cities, their integration and the level of...

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  • 18.09.2019 | Displacement, Migration, Integration | Migration policy | Interview

    A Filipino nurse’s journey to Germany

    Interview with Maria Karen Viola about her motives to come to Germany, the situation in the Philippines and her new life in Freiburg.

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    Wanted: Private Sponsorship for resettlement

    Community-based refugee sponsorship in Europe is still in its infancy. A new pilot project in Spain could attract more attention.

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    Visa Privatization: Undergoing or Taking Action?

    An article by Samir Abi, Permanent Secretary of the West African Observatory on Migrations.

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    • Displacement: Worldwide, more people are leaving their countries of origin than ever before.
    • Migration: Migration is to be expected in an interconnected and globalized world.
    • Integration: How do we want to live together in a diverse society with peace, safety and equal participation for all?

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Causes of displacement

Causes of displacement

The causes for flight and displacement are manifold. Understanding their causes is, in turn, the prerequisite for reducing the number of their reasons. more

Migration Policy

Migration Policy

Human mobility in a globalized world: Migration is not a problem we have to solve; rather, it is a challenge we want to accept. more

Refugee Policy

Refugee Policy

From a global perspective, the phenomenon of flight is nothing new; rather, it has been a tragic constant, especially during the past few decades. more

Integration Policy

Integration Policy

The current refugee situation cries out for a political solution. Now is the time to devise policy approaches that encourage integration and fair chances for everyone to participate. more


Donnerstag, 07.11.19 bis Mittwoch, 13.11.19 - Ebersberg, Foyer des Landratsamtes Ebersberg

Ausstellung 'Menschen in Bewegung'

Die Ausstellung des BayernForums der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) beleuchtet die Kernfrage warum Menschen ihre Heimat verlassen. Von Migration spricht man, wenn jemand länger als sechs Monate seine...

Dienstag, 12.11.19 - Stuttgart - Neugereut

Return to Afghanistan

Wie sicher ist Afghanistan? Diese Frage ist zunehmend in den Mittelpunkt der Auseinandersetzung mit dem Land gerückt. Auf dem Höhepunkt der Flüchtlingskrise 2015 war Afghanistan zunächst als eines der...

Freitag, 15.11.19 - Nürnberg, Caritas-Pirckheimer-Haus


Eine zweisprachige multimediale autobiographische Leseperformance

Die multimediale Leseperformance "Türkland" basiert auf dem autobiografischen Werk der Schauspielerin Dilsad Budak-Sarioglu und...


Abdalla, Amr

African voices from the ground

Motives, benefits and managing risk of migration towards Europe
AddisAbaba, 2019

Download publication (40 MB, PDF-File)

Statistical dossier on immigration 2018

Selected chapters and summaries from the Italian version
Budapest, 2019

Download publication (1,2 MB PDF-File)

Aktuelle und zukünftige Einwanderungsbedarfe von IT-Fachkräften nach Deutschland

Wie attraktiv sind die Bundesländer?
Bonn, 2019

Download publication (5,5 MB PDF-File)

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