Displacement, Migration, Integration

  • Ein Mann steht mit dem Rücken zur Kamera und schaut sich ein Gemälde mit vier verschiedenfarbigen Kreisen an.

    Untapped potentials

    Displacement, Migration, Integration | Migration policy

    A people-centred labour migration policy requires the involvement of the diaspora, says Dr Rachid L'Aoufir of the African-German Association.

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  • Footpath on the campus of Thapar University, Patiala, India, with students in front of a very modern building designed by McCullough Mulvin Architects, against a blue sky.

    More targeted and coordinated

    Displacement, Migration, Integration | Migration policy

    The Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement with India is often mentioned as best practice. Still, its potential is far from being...

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  • Chessboard with pieces. A hand moves a white pawn towards the black playing field.

    Migration diplomacy

    Displacement, Migration, Integration | Migration policy

    Help or hindrance to migrants' rights? The answer might depend on future power dynamics. A contribution by the Mixed Migration Centre.

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  • Paper boats in a fountain in Zagreb, Croatia, with the words in Croatian: ‘They helped me: Be human!’ and in English: ‘Safe passage’.

    Illuminating the Unseen Struggles

    Displacement, Migration, Integration | Refugee Policy | Migration policy

    Salam Ibrahim Al-Nidawi on the special mental health challenges of refugees and his work. A contribution to the 2024 World Refugee Day.

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Migration Policy

Human mobility in a globalized world: Migration is not a problem we have to solve; rather, it is a challenge we want to accept. more

Integration Policy

The current refugee situation cries out for a political solution. Now is the time to devise policy approaches that encourage integration and fair chances for everyone to participate. more

Refugee Policy

From a global perspective, the phenomenon of flight is nothing new; rather, it has been a tragic constant, especially during the past few decades. more

Causes of displacement

The causes for flight and displacement are manifold. Understanding their causes is, in turn, the prerequisite for reducing the number of their reasons. more


Saturday, 13 July 2024 – Gedenkstätte Plattenhaus Poppenbüttel, Hamburg

Partizipative Lesung: "Was dachten sie, als sie uns sahen?"

+++ Anmelden unter https://www.gedenkstaetten-hamburg.de/de/veranstaltungen/termin/partizipative-lesung-was-dachten-sie-als-sie-uns-sahen ++++Die Gedenkstätte Poppenbüttel befindet sich im letzten…

Monday, 19 August 2024 – Augustinum München Nord|Theatersaal, München

Wir sind jetzt hier – Geschichten über das Ankommen in Deutschland

Filmschau mit GesprächSeit 2015 waren sie die Angstgegner aller Integrationsskeptiker_innen: Junge Männer, die allein aus Syrien oder Afghanistan, aus Somalia, Eritrea oder dem Irak nach Deutschland…

Wednesday, 21 August 2024 – Die Stadtmusikanten, Bremen

"Aufbruch in die Fremde" - Stadtfürung in Bremen

Migration - Menschen in BewegungDie Bremer Stadtmusikanten – nur ein Märchen aus uralten Tagen? Bremen ist seit langem Ziel- und Ausgangsraum vielfältiger Wanderungsprozesse und war Magnet für…


Girault, Thibaut

Crossing borders, building livelihoods

The insecure economic lives of migrants in Libya
LaMarsa, 2024

Download publication (5,5 MB PDF-File)

De Leo, Andreina; Milazzo, Eleonora

Responsibility-sharing or shifting?

Implications of the New Pact for future EU cooperation with third countries
Brussels, 2024

Download publication (1,8 MB PDF-File)

Neidhardt, Alberto-Horst

The Crisis and Force Majeure Regulation

Towards future-proof crisis management and responses?
Brussels, 2024

Download publication (1,9 MB PDF-File)

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