The Mission: Europe’s energy in citizens’ hands


Claudia Detsch

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What is the challenge?

High energy prices and the transition to renewable energies present a challenge to the energy security of most Europeans.

    What is the solution?

    This mission is not only to diversify Europe’s energy source but also to boost energy production within Europe while bringing citizens on board. This can be achieved by:

    1. Reforming the electricity market in favour of citizens and small and medium-sized “energy communities”. Offering democratic control over the means of producing local, renewable energy.
    2. Incentivising these local communities to connect to the grid and augment the supply from the large, transnational retail suppliers at favourable terms.
    3. Mandating that a fixed minimum of EU energy comes from the same small and medium-sized local energy communities.
    4. Ensuringthat low-income households are able to benefit from participating in local energy communities through measures such as tax exemptions and flexible membership frameworks that would give them access to lower prices or higher dividends.

    How would this mission benefit Europeans?

    • At the local level, energy communities would allow citizens to access low-cost renewable energy, letting them control energy bills and encouraging domestic energy efficiency.
    • At the national level, they would provide EU member states with greater energy autonomy and insulate cash-strapped governments against market price fluctuations.
    • They would also create job opportunities, foster energy democracy, and enhance social cohesion. Through this mission, local communities would develop a sense of pride and confidence, as people would work together, develop valuable skills, and strengthen relations with their neighbours.

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