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Home - 1 October 2020 - Online Conference - 10.45 AM to 5.15 PM

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The Labs of the Global Green Deals Forum

Welcome to the transformation labs at the Global Green Deals Forum, organized by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung! Together with our partners, the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), Climate Alliance Germany and the Olof Palme Center, we offer 14 exciting workshops addressing different aspects of socio-ecological transformation: Inform yourselves and discuss diverse topics – such as sustainable urban politics, just transition, participation and climate protection, climate justice, divestment, and many more – with our experts and other participants from around the world!


You can choose from three different formats:

#debate: Listen to exciting inputs and contribute your questions and ideas to a moderated discussion!

#interactive: Engage in an exchange with experts and other participants in an interactive and moderated session!

#participate: Put pen to paper – work on good arguments for climate protection with a small group of participants!


Last minute registration via: greendeals(at)fes.de or this form

Labs between 11 h 30 AM - 12 h 30 PM

No Green Deal without a Just Transition

A Nordic-German Trade Union Cooperation

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Building People-Centered Cities

How to create more livable cities

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All You Need is Less

Socially Just Sufficiency

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Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Leave It in the Ground!

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Labs between 1 h 30 - 2 h 30 PM

Could an Ecocide Law End the Destruction of Nature?

Re-Channelling In-vestment, Shaping Just Structural Change

Sustainable Finance Beyond Divestment

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A Just Transition 4 Climate Justice

Ensuring a Global Energy Transformation

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Co-Determining Climate Action

How Employees Can Shape the Transition

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Germany's Role in Building a Global Hydrogen Economy

Labs between 3 h 30 - 4 h 30 PM

Arguments for Ambitious Climate Policies

(Only in English)

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Get Out of the Trap

Paths to Development and Climate Justice in Africa

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Beyond Acceptance

How We Can Shape a Decentralised and Democratic energy Transition

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What Really Matters

Integrating Human Rights and Gender Justice into a Successful Climate Policy!

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A Green Deal for Latin America

Can a Social-Ecological Transformation Solve the Problems of Latin America?

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