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Home - 1 October 2020 - Online Conference - 10.45 AM to 5.15 PM


Get Out of the Trap

Paths to Development and Climate Justice in Africa

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Climate change is having devastating effects in Africa. But given the ongoing challenges in infrastructure, poverty or education, how could Africa achieve a real transformation and become a model for a long-term – and socially just –transformation worldwide? Two distinguished experts will initiate our discussion.

Lead: Constantin Grund(FES Madagaskar)
Facilitation: Constantin Grund (FES Madagaskar)
Speakers: Marie Christina Kolo, Founding Member of the Indian Ocean Climate Network; Mithika Mwenda, Executive Director Panafrican Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA)

Language: English (Translation into German and French)

This lab will also be livestreamed on the main page.

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