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Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Leave It in the Ground!

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The discovery of gas in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea has raised high hopes for sources of income in countries such as Egypt, Cyprus or Lebanon. Yet, extracting this gas will be very expensive, risk regional stability, and slow down the fossil-fuel phase out. The EU should focus on supporting renewable energies in the region rather than encouraging the import of East Mediterranean gas. The workshop discusses the challenges of gas exploitation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and provides possible solutions.

Lead: Franziska Wehinger (FES)
Facilitation: Franziska Wehinger (FES)
Speakers:  Nezahat Baradari, MdB; Diana Kaissy, Executive Director Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative;  Dr. Charles Ellinas, CEO of e-CNHC (E-C Cyprus Natural Hydrocarbons Company Ltd)

Language: English (Translation into German)

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