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The new geopolitics of the Pacific Island nations


What makes foreign interests in the Pacific Islands grow and what does their engagement mean for the future of the small island nations?

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A war far away in Europe? The impact of the Ukraine war on Asia is far greater than you think


Unser Kollege Marc Saxer über die weiteren Auswirkungen des Krieges in der Ukraine auf die Region Asien-Pazifik und die Zukunft der globalen Ordnung.

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China's role in multilateral arms control

As a player in global security politics, China is here to stay. A new analysis by the FES explains what this means for arms control dialogue.

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Lars Klingbeil's Zeitenwende-speech now also available in English


SPD co-leader Lars Klingbeil on mistakes towards Eastern Europe, Germany’s role as a leading power, and the global competition for influence. Download...

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How to respond to the situation in the Sahel

In fighting the growing insecurity in the Sahel the EU has to choose between strategic stubbornness and a willingness to rethink.

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The New Cold War in the Western Hemisphere: The United States’ China Challenge in Latin America


Thirty years after the end of the Cold War with Soviet Russia, the Biden administration finds itself in a similar competition with China. What are the...

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The Forever War

Michael Bröning,

At the time, they were presented as an exception and a temporary, urgently needed measure. Yet two decades after the September 11 attacks,...

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From Tent Cities to the COVID-19 Protests


Part I: Two Social Protests in Israel from the Eyes of the Activists

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Three visions for NATO: Mapping national debates on the future of the atlantic alliance

The study shall provide experts but also policy makers and interested citizens with the orientation and expertise necessary, to effectively engage in...

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EU Feminist Foreign Policy on Syria


How a holistic perspective can inform EU policymaking on Syria

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New FES vlog examines the EU’s role in the Indo-Pacific

New FES vlog examines the EU’s role in the Indo-Pacific

3 questions, 3 answers, 3 minutes: Asian and European thought leaders unpack what the EU’s upcoming Indo-Pacific strategy means for the region. more

Security Policy in the Southern neighborhood

Security Policy in the Southern neighborhood


The Future of NATO

The Future of NATO

Mapping national debates on the future of the atlantic alliance more

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