The Future of NATO

The transatlantic Alliance has been one of the core security pillars of German and European defense policy for decades. Since the end of the Cold War it underwent a series of internal transformations and reorientations triggered by developments in the international security environment and pressure form its member states. Crisis Management in the Balkans and eastwards enlargement in the 1990s, anti-terrorism deployments in the 2000s and a reorientation towards Alliance defense and deterrence since 2014. It’s posture and development will remain a crucial factor in German and European defense policy for the forseeable future. Accordingly FES will closely follow the policy discourse on current and future NATO policy and facilitate social democratic and progressive positions.


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The Study

Three visions for NATO

Mapping national debates on the future of the atlantic alliance
Berlin, 2021

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Those periods when the Alliance reviews its strategic orientation are of particular importance. Right now, in June 2021 NATO is embarking on a process to revise its strategic concept, starting with its first post-Trump summit scheduled to take place in Brussles on June 14th. To engage in the upcoming policy debates in Germany, Europe and the Alliance writ large, it is important to first obtain an overview and understanding of where discussions about the future of the Alliance in different member states (and non-member states) come from and where experts see the Alliance heading towards.

Our new study “Three Visions for NATO - Mapping National Debates on the Future of the Alliance” shall provide experts but also policy makers and interested citizens with the orientation and expertise necessary to effectively engage in the democratic processes shaping the future of the Alliance. The complete study can be accessed as pdf-file (see above), EPUB-file or Kindle Ebook (forthcoming).

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