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Women, automation and the future of work

Women are more exposed to AI automation in the workplace compared to men. Our upcoming research project baims to specifically examine this issue.

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Laptop mit grüner Schrift, Südkorea Flagge im Hintergrund

Platform algorithms: A new stage of labor exploitation

The age when algorithms control humans. How true is it?




The destructive controlling aspect of platform algorithms reveals the true nature of...

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Supply chain governance: Arguments for worker-driven enforcement

Interview with Marlese von Broembsen, head of legal affairs at the international organization WIEGO (Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and...

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The Changing World – Due Diligence Laws as the Opportunity?

Hybrid International Conference, October 18, 2022, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm with Hubertus Heil, Lara Wolters, Dr. Bärbel Kofler and others. Register here.

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China’s Role in the Multilateral Trade System

A recent analysis conducted by the FES explains what is driving Beijing’s foreign trade policy and reflects on how Europe should respond.

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Inflation, pandemic, climate change: the urgent need for progressive taxation

States have a choice: they can opt for austerity programs or they can decide to put in place taxes on those who have taken advantage of the crisis to...

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Too big to fail: Still a problem – A look at development finance

Too Big To Fail-financial firms play a crucial role in the chronic net outflow of financial resources from the global south to the global north. Shows...

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China and the global financial architecture

China is a critical component of the global financial architecture as both a member of the international institutions and as an institution-builder....

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Global Tax System Reform – will it help to address the Plight of African Women?

Chenai Mukumba (Tax Justice Network Africa) is sceptical that this will succeed. She explains why in a new FES W7 blog post.

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Protecting Women in Global Supply Chains? Gender-just Legislation is the Only Way!

Multinational companies have so far failed to adequately protect women’s rights and promote gender justice. A new FES W7 blog post by Franziska Korn...

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