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How Germany plans to uphold human rights in supply chains

Most companies disregard human rights in their supply chains. A German law may finally change that, says Franziska Korn at

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Is redistribution necessary to reduce inequality?

Germany has kept income inequality low by redistribution of wealth through taxes and transfers. Are there better ways to combat inequality?

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Mirko Herberg

What if the citizens of Berlin owned Uber’s data?

We must not give companies control and power over our data. Parminder Jeet Singh explains what we need to do.

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Fighting inequality through progressive taxation

How this can be achieved was discussed by four guests of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in a webinar at the Global Solutions Summit.


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Who cares? Feminist responses to the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has a strong gender dimension. It is increasing women’s vulnerabilities and risks in their roles as workers and caregivers.

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Bangladesh’s garment sector collapse devastates millions

Highly dependent on demand from Europe and the United States, the economic impact of the Coronavirus will hit factory workers and especially women.

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Be a feminist, demand that the multinationals pay their taxes!

What does taxation have to do with Feminism? Magdalena Sepúlveda explains why tax justice also means gender justice.

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Prof. Kappel and Prof. Reisen

Study "G20 Compact with Africa: The Audacity of Hope"

In a new FES study Robert Kappel and Helmut Reisen analyse the impact of the CwA and give policy recommendations.

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Taxes, taxes, taxes

Developing countries need to unite their efforts now to prevent an unfair international tax reform, says José Antonio Ocampo on ips-journal.

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Africa’s future will be decided in its cities

Increasingly, Africa’s growing cities are becoming the site of changing socio-political struggles for public goods

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