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Protecting Human Rights in Supply Chains: Lessons from Bangladesh

In cooperation with the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, FES provides a new perspective showing how industry initiatives can help...

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How COVID-19 fuels the digital gender divide

It is high time to act and re-imagine our digital future in Asia.

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Who will foot the bill?

Global tax havens are still siphoning off vast sums of money. As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc, the EU needs to step up. More on ips-journal.eu.

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The State of Tax Justice 2020 - Tax Justice in the Time of Covid

For the first time, a report documents tax losses using OECD transparency data on multinational corporations’ financial affairs.

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Redefining Europe-Africa Relations

In this study for FES Prof. Robert Kappel analyses the economic relationship between the European Union and Africa and puts forward proposals for a...

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The other second wave

At the annual meetings of the World Bank and IMF, the future of austerity will also be discussed.

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How Germany plans to uphold human rights in supply chains

Most companies disregard human rights in their supply chains. A German law may finally change that, says Franziska Korn at ips-journal.eu.

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Is redistribution necessary to reduce inequality?

Germany has kept income inequality low by redistribution of wealth through taxes and transfers. Are there better ways to combat inequality?

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Mirko Herberg

What if the citizens of Berlin owned Uber’s data?

We must not give companies control and power over our data. Parminder Jeet Singh explains what we need to do.

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Fighting inequality through progressive taxation

How this can be achieved was discussed by four guests of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in a webinar at the Global Solutions Summit.


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