Tiergarten Conference 2023

"Zeitenwende": A Chance for a Stronger Europe?


Programme - Tuesday, October 10th, 2023


Sabine Fandrych, Member of the Executive Board of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung 

Keynote Speech:  A Social Democratic Policy for a Secure Europe!

Discussion: Security in Europe - What are the priorities? What are the concrete steps to be taken next? 

  • Lars Klingbeil, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany
  • Benjamin Haddad, Speaker of the "Renaissance" faction in the National Assembly
  • Daniela Schwarzer, Member of the Executive Board of the Bertelsmannstiftung

Host: Catrina Schläger

Panel Discussion: Protecting Democratic Europe - How to Strengthen Resilience in Europe? 

Europe is in the middle of a transformation. Climate change has to be tackled, global power relations are changing, inflation and the energy crisis are increasing the financial pressure on citizens. People's insecurities are being exploited by forces inside and outside of our societies to sow doubts about democracy. How can we strengthen our social cohesion and democracy? What instruments do we need for this at national and European level?

Keynote: Katarina Barley, Vice-President of the European Parliament, What must the EU do to protect Europe's democracies?

  • Tanja Fajon, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovenia
  • Maria Skora, Lead Researcher, Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP)
  • Matthias Quent, Professor of Sociology at Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal

Host: Matthias Jobelius

Break with refreshments

Panel Discussion – Sovereignty needs financing - How can the EU sustainably protect its economic strength?

European sovereignty also requires economic strength. This fuels a debate about the means to achieve it: How can progressive policies secure competitiveness within the single market? And is more common EU funding needed for the energy transition and strategic industrial policy to prevent inefficiencies, fragmentation, and divergence in the EU? Given divergent member state interests, what might stronger joint financing of economic sovereignty look like and how can it be achieved? How can social democratic actors advocate for sustainable financing that enables the EU and all member states to meet the challenges of the “Zeitenwende"?

Keynote: Magdalena Andersson, Prime Minister (2021-22) and Minister of Finance (2014-21), Sweden

  • Johannes Lindner, Co-Director of the Jacques Delors Center, Germany
  • Tom Krebs, Professor of Macroeconomics and Economic Policy at the University of Mannheim, Germany
  • Daniela Schwarzer, Member of the Executive Board of the Bertelsmannstiftung

Host: Cédric Koch

    Panel Discussion – How must the EU defend itself in the future?

    The EU faces new challenges in establishing and maintaining security on the continent. The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine has exposed the weaknesses of defence capabilities and highlighted the need for deeper cooperation. But what should this cooperation look like? What role should Europe play to foster peace and security in the world? And how should Germany contribute to it?

    Keynote: Nils Schmid, Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, SPD Parliamentary Group in the German Bundestag

    • Benjamin Haddad, Speaker of the "Renaissance" faction in the National Assembly
    • Pia Fuhrhop, Deputy Head of Research Division "International Security", German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)
    • Michael Werz, Senior Advisor for North America and Multilateral Affairs, Munich Security Conference (MSC)

    Host: Tina Blohm

    Assessment and outlook - One year of a turning point - How can Europe go on?

    Martin Schulz, President of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e.V.

    Networking Lunch

    By invitation only roundtable - Squaring Europe’s Triangle: NATO-EU cooperation, EU strategic autonomy, and pan-European security in an era of uncertainty

    (Event in cooperation with CEPS; separate invitation, FES conference room in House 2)

    • Zachary Paikin, Senior Researcher, Geneva Centre for Security Policy
    • Olga Oliker, Program Director Europe and Central Asia, Crisis Group



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