Blog: Iran's Presidential Elections 2021

Raisi’s Roadmap for the Economy: More than a Fata Morgana?

02.07.2021 Blog

How realistic are the new president’s grand promises for the Iranian economy? There is currently little reason to believe that Raisi will keep those...

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The Pre-engineered Election

01.07.2021 Blog

The nuclear deal will likely survive under Ebrahim Raisi, but further engagement with the West will be complicated.

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What Iran’s New President Means for Europe

29.06.2021 Blog

Eight years of European thinking that Tehran could be a partner will end when a hardliner becomes Iran’s next president. This reality check should...

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Convergence and Continuity – Iran’s Regional Policy Under the Raisi Presidency

24.06.2021 Blog

In regional policy, hardliners have already been dominating both strategy formation and implementation. Substantial changes are not to be expected...

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Against All Odds – Iranian Women Will Continue to Push for Change

22.06.2021 Blog

The outgoing president failed to deliver on his bold promises to improve women’s rights, and the next government is also unlikely to advance legal...

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About the blog

Our blog aims to host a diverse, multi-faceted debate on the Iranian presidential elections on June 18. To this end, it highlights aspects that are important to Iranians in the context of the vote as well as fundamental issues like the question of the importance of elections in an autocratic system. We also consider the perspectives of selected regional actors.


David Jalilvand is an Analyst, running the Berlin-based research consultancy  Orient Matters

Achim Vogt heads the FES project Peace and Security in the MENA-Region.




Achim Vogt