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As was the case with the all-too-recent financial, economic and euro crisis, the current corona crisis shows that, for Germany and Europe, both stable and economically, environmentally, socially and fiscally sustainable economic development remains a distant goal. On top of this come the yet-to-be unresolved challenges thrown up by various megatrends that have been around for a long time: climate change, digitalisation, demographic change, increasing economic and social inequality and globalisation.

In our blog series, we have accompanied the German EU Council Presidency with many progressive ideas and arguments on economic policy, developed proposals for solutions to current challenges and showed - from a progressive perspective - how more sustainable economic development can be achieved in Germany and Europe economically, environmentally, socially and fiscally.

What negative developments have we seen? How can they be corrected? What economic-policy measures are appropriate? What do we need to learn from experiences during the corona crisis?

In addition to the contributions by English-speaking authors, selected German blog texts have been translated into English.

Any questions? Get in touch! wirtschaftspolitik(at)fes.de

14.12.2020 | Finanzen

We Cannot Predict the Future, But It Is Our Duty to Work for a Better One

by Margarida Marques

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07.12.2020 | Ökologie | Soziales

A Future Together – Arguments for a Social and Ecological Transformation

by Matthias Miersch

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26.11.2020 | Politik für Europa | EU-Ratspräsidentschaft | Soziales

Reset EU – Renaissance of a Social Europe?

by Gabriele Bischoff

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23.11.2020 | Finanzen

Europe’s Budget Revolution – From Covid-19 Recession to Progressive Reconstruction

by László Andor

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16.11.2020 | Digitalisierung

Digital Sovereignty Requires Autonomy and Decentralisation

by Paul Nemitz and Matthias Pfeffer

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10.11.2020 | Digitalisierung | Wirtschaft

EU Digital Policy: Time for a Holistic Approach

by Justin Nogarede

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