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How inclusive immigration policies foster development in the Global South

09.01.2023 Displacement, Migration, Integration | Integration Policy

Immigration essentially is a positive force for a country's economy and culture, if we give immigrants the opportunity to feel safe and to thrive,...

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Ukrainian refugees also deserve decent work

05.12.2022 Integration Policy

Proponents of the platform economy are using the plight of Ukrainian refugees to push back against regulation. But all workers deserve decent work

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“To assert your rights, you must know what they are”

22.11.2022 Integration Policy

Good advice is an indispensable pillar of fair labour market integration, says Felix Litschauer of “Faire Integration” in an interview with the...

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How to welcome Ukrainian refugees

16.09.2022 Integration Policy

Europe is experiencing its largest refugee movement since World War II. We should heed the lessons of Sweden’s integration experience. ips journal

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Why inclusion and equality pay off for all of us

26.04.2021 Displacement, Migration, Integration | Integration Policy

Fostering inclusion and combating inequality should concern everyone — the resulting long-term problems affect society as a whole

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