Short Film “Nowhere Man” - Pakistani Refugees in South Korea are fighting for Recognition

The A. Family has fled from Pakistan to South Korea, 6000 miles away. A story that also deals with South Korean asylum policy.


Title: Nowhere Man
Director: Kim, Jeong Keun (Korea)
Subject: Life of a Refugee Family in Korea
Year of Production: 2016
Length: 8.15


Contact: Maria Beihof, desk officer, Asia & Pacific Department


Short Film Program: “People in Motion” – Why do People leave their Homes? What Paths do they Take?

In cooperation with local partners, the FES international offices produced a short film program that deals with these questions. The films are available on our TOPIC pages “Flight, Migration, Integration”. Please feel free to use them for your own events.


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Behind the Sea. The film deals with the story of four Algerians who left their homeland for various reasons and returned to Algeria after a certain time. [only available in german]


Mr. A. (as we will call him) and his family have fled the repression and violence in their native Baluchistan (Pakistan) and ended up 6000 miles away in the South Korean port city Busan. Their incredible tale draws attention to the fact that both refugee movements, as well as bureaucratic hurdles for asylum seekers, are a global phenomenon.

In 2017, over 7000 people have applied for asylum in South Korea. Compared to Germany, this seems like a low and manageable number. However, only 98 people were granted asylum status. But what happened to the others?

The short film “Nowhere man” by director Jeong Keun Kim offers a glimpse into the life of a rejected asylum seeker in South Korea. Mr. A. already came to South Korea from Baluchistan in 1996. He and his family then lived in the far-eastern country for 19 years without an official status. In 2015, they were finally recognized as refugees. And now? A. explains that he likes living in South Korea because he and his family can feel safe there. He regrets, however, that he cannot really play an active part in society and dreams of returning to his home country one day.


Image: Filmausschnitt "Nowhere Man" of FES Südkorea