In 1980 Zimbabwe gained independence from British colonial rule after a liberation struggle and has since been governed by the Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF). After successes in state-building and the economic as well as social inclusion of broad sections of the population, the economic outlook became increasingly gloomy in the early 1990s. High inflation, company closures and a labour market crisis pushed a large proportion of the population into the informal sector. Today, the country is struggling with increasing social inequality and poverty, food insecurity as well as floods and droughts as a result of climate change. The state is only to a very limited extent able to provide citizens with basic services.

The political transition also stalled. In 2013, the country adopted a new and progressive constitution. However, the political reforms it initiated have not yet been fully implemented. Following the military-backed transfer of power in 2017, the government has endeavoured to draw closer to the international community and gain the support of international financial institutions on the basis of political reforms. However, the economic challenges and political tensions continue under the current government. The two elections in 2018 and 2023 were contested by the opposition. Civil society is operating in a difficult environment due to legal, economic and political constraints.

The FES office in Zimbabwe works with local partners and supports progressive actors in the trade unions and civil society. It cooperates with political institutions such as parliament, ministries and other state institutions. Its activities focus on promoting gender justice, socio-ecological transformation, youth work and political participation.

Read more about our work in Zimbabwe on the website of the country office.


African media barometer

A home-grown analysis of the media landscape in Africa : Zimbabwe 2020
Windhoek, 2021

Download publication (740 KB, PDF-File)

Mwonzora-Simango, Isabel; Dumani, Ntando

Re-thinking the national youth service program in Zimbabwe

Harare, 2022

Download publication (430 KB, PDF-File)

Kanyenze, Godfrey

Giving social dialogue a chance

Review of, and lessons learnt from the Tripartite Negotiating Forum (TNF) in Zimbabwe, 1998-2021
Harare, 2022

Download publication (820 KB, PDF-File)

Zirima, Patience

A media landscape study

Unpacking ownership in Zimbabwe's creation and delivery of news content
Harare, 2022

Download publication (360 KB, PDF-File)

Tsabora, James

Property rights and social responsibility

A Zimbabwean, South African and German comparative analysis
Harare, 2022

Download publication (210 KB, PDF-File)

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