Tiergarten Conference 2022: Zeitenwende – Into a new era

Programme – 21 June 2022


Sabine Fandrych, Executive Member of the Board of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Keynote Speech

Lars Klingbeil, Party Chairman of the SPD

Discussion with Lars Klingbeil about the Changing Times

What are the central guidelines for social democracy in changing times?

  • Nathalie Tocci, Director Istituto Affari Internazionali
  • Carlo Masala, Professor for International Politics, University of the German Federal Armed Forces, Munich

Moderation: Nana Brink, Journalist


Morning panels

Now or Never –a confident Europe

The Russian attack on Ukraine has brought the EU closer together. Tough sanctions packages and rapid non-bureaucratic support for the government in Kiev were implemented. But the EU's weakness in security policy became clearly visible. How can the Union learn the right lessons from this crisis? How do we strengthen the EU's ability to act and its sovereignty externally?

European External Sovereignty

Keynote Christine Lambrecht, German Federal Minister of Defense

Discussion with:

  • Jana Puglierin, Head of European Council on Foreign Relations Berlin
  • Katarina Barley, Vice President of the European Parliament
  • Claudia Major, Research Group Head Foundation for Political Science and Politics

Moderation: Christos Katsioulis, FES Vienna

Strengthening Europe from within

The ecological transformation of Europe with good jobs and an innovative economy is a basis for more cohesion and common strength for Europe. Functioning welfare states, strong and well-fortified democracies and a secure cyberspace are the hallmark of Europe. How can this be made secure in an increasingly conflict-ridden world?

11:45  Keynote Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President for a European Green Deal (transformation, socially just change) 

Discussion with:

  • Thorben Albrecht, Head of the functional area of fundamental issues and social policy at the board of directors of IG Metall
  • Maja Göpel, Political Economist, Expert on sustainability policy and transformation research
  • Matthias Miersch, Deputy Chairman of the SPD parliamentary group

Moderation: Julia Bläsius, FES Berlin

Lunch Break

Afternoon panels

Eye-Level Partnerships

The turn of the times is not just a European phenomenon. Food speculation and rising energy prices are directly affecting the global South. But trust in European solidarity has dwindled, because in many of these countries the West stands for double standards and the one-sided pursuit of interests. How can the EU, how can Germany, forge fair alliances and initiate a new form of globalized cooperation?

Strategic Partnerships

These changing times are not just shifting the foreign political situation in Europe. Other regions of the world are also directly feeling the consequences of the war: speculation in food and rising energy prices are hitting the global south hard. Many countries have the feeling that they are invisible to Europe. Other actors are exploiting this vacuum to expend their own influence. Europe needs to find an answer to this and meet the interests of the global south at eye level – also so that it can secure its own strategic aims. How can the EU and Germany form fair alliances and initiate a new form of globalised coexistence that has advantages for both sides?

Keynote: Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister for Economic Co-operation and Development

Discussion with:

  • Vahini Naidu, Trade and Development Coordinator, South Centre. South Africa
  • Mikko Huotari, Head of Mercator Institute for China Studies
  • Marcel Fratzscher, Head of German Institute for Economic Research

Moderation: Valeska Hesse, FES Latin America

Start of a new World Order

The changing times are ringing in a new, uncertain and conflicted world order in which it will be crucial for Europe to bring its confident security policy sovereignty, its established internal strengths and alliances to bear. For the European social model will need to stand firm against these conflicts. How can Europe prevent itself from becoming a plaything of great powers and instead play a part in setting the rules of the game on the basis of its own values and interests?

Discussion with:

  • Liana Fix, Head of Program International Politics, Körber Foundation
  • Kristina Lunz, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy
  • Lars Klingbeil, Party Chairman of the SPD
  • Daniela Schwarzer, Director Open Society Foundations

Moderation: Nana Brink, Journalist


Martin Schulz, President Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

End of the conference

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