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Delegation of the Marshall Islands hugging each other, taken during the final session in the plenary of COP28 in Dubai, 13 December 2023.

The Outcome of COP28: More False Hopes for the Future

The phase-out has now proven to be an illusion. Packed with mostly toothless resolutions, the COP caravan keeps chugging along, says Thomas Hirsch.

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Panel Side Event on Just Transition at the COP28

City Of Dreams

The urbanization of our world needs a concept. Cities are excellent actors in climate adaptation. Unveiling pathways forward at COP28.

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Scissors left behind after the floods

Hospital under mudslides

Cyclone Freddy devastated hospitals and transport routes in Malawi. This puts pregnant women in particular at risk, writes Chimwemwe Padatha.

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Wind energy projects in La Guajira, Colombia.

Latin America's energy transition: Complex and Uncertain

Tripling renewable energies worldwide: Maria Monsalve writes about the potential and socio-ecological conflicts in Latin America.

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Rice Farmer in Wuro Chekke, Adamawa State, Nigeria

Loss and Damage Fund Offers A Lifeline

Nigerian farmers are now facing unprecedented losses due to extreme weather conditions and inadequate support. At COP28, the Nigerian government aims...

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Panel at the art exhibition at and besides COP28

Art for the Climate

Anyone currently in Dubai will also encounter art: ten female artists from the Gulf States and Germany are exhibiting together at COP28.

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Panel beim FES-DGB-High Level Event auf der COP28 in Dubai

Society on Board

A socially just transition can only be social if trade unions in African countries are actively involved in transparent change processes.

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The Horn Podcast Link

Can COP28 Deliver for Africa?

What’s at stake for African countries at COP28? This is the topic of the international podcast The Horn by Crisis Group and FES.

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Eine brennende Ölquelle in der Wüste Algeriens

Gaza: A litmus test for COP28

The war in Gaza has repercussions far beyond the Middle East. Karim Elgendy analyzes the impending impact on COP28 in the ips-journal.

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Caribbean sea view with sun loungers and parasols

Adapting to a thirsty future

Caribbean urged to innovate as drought threatens vital water sources.

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Competence Center for Climate and Social Justice

Competence Center for Climate and Social Justice


Six Messages on International Climate & Energy Policy by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Six Messages on International Climate & Energy Policy by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung more

Climate Manual: Climate action. Socially. Just.

Climate Manual: Climate action. Socially. Just.

In our new manual, we present numerous arguments showing that social progress and ambitious climate action must go hand in hand. Enjoy reading! more