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China’s latest carbon pledge sets ambitious course for the 21st Century

China’s recent commitment to reaching carbon neutrality by 2060 sends a powerful message, not only about what the country thinks it can achieve with...

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The Road Towards a Carbon Free Society

A Nordic-German Trade Union Cooperation on Just Transition. Six reports are presented and discussed in a series of events nationally as well as in...

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The Knowledge of the Many

Civil society voices in national climate protection plans: perspectives from Kenya, Kirgizstan, Morocco and the Philippines.

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The case for social cities

Environmental disasters, a worldwide pandemic, looming recession and political turmoil shape Asia’s metropolises, making it clear why future cities...

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The Future of the EU: Grasp the Opportunities of the Green Deal

by Frederik Moch

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Youth advocates volunteered for climate education amid lockdown

During lockdown, FES Philippines produced “Can We Cool Down The Earth” - an audiobook on climate change aimed at children, voiced by young...

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No quick wins: The COVID-19 crisis and climate change in Asia

The measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a decline in CO2 emissions. How will this benefit the climate in the long term?

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Coronavirus pandemic is not a victory for the climate crises

What effects can be expected? What will governments do? The Corona crises could weaken climate change goals and loose ambition. By Franziska Wehinger.

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Is COP25 feminist?

Gender should be negotiated at the highest level at COP25. But what has happened so far?

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FES@COP25: Call For 100% Renewable Energy

Renewable energy as a great opportunity for the Global South: fair, affordable, socially and climate-friendly. What does a just transition look like?

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Point of View

Our Six Messages for the International Climate and Energy Policy more

Climate Manual: Climate action. Socially. Just.

Climate Manual: Climate action. Socially. Just.

In our new manual, we present numerous arguments showing that social progress and ambitious climate action must go hand in hand. Enjoy reading! more

World Climate Conference


Where do we go now after the Paris Agreement? Assessments, analyses and contributions from young activists at the annual World Climate Conferences provide answers. more

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