FES Library: FES publications

Statement on the handling of digital FES publications on the Internet server of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

The FES Library maintains the fulltext database Digital Library which is the central archiving system for digital publications of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. The conceptual design of this database comprises certain ideas of information retrieval as well as a concept for a sustainable data storage. This guarantees a long-term availability of all publications archived in the "Ditigal Library" on the Internet.

For this reason the FES Library asks all interested libraries, archives and other organizations engaged in collecting and preserving digital publications to make use of the possibility to set hyperlinks to digital FES publications stored on the Internet server of the library.

  • The URL of each publication can be found by using the search screen of the database.
  • The FES Library appreciates the integration of these URLs in library catalogues and bookmark files.
  • In order to provide local access to these publications it is also acceptable to produce printouts of these publications and integrate the documents in catalogues.

However, the FES Library cannot grant permission for the storage of digital FES publications in fulltext archives, depository libraries etc. that are accessible on the Internet. In case a digital FES publication is published under a Creative Commons license or any other license regulating the use of the publication only the terms and conditions of this license apply to the respective title.

Thank you for your understanding.

Head of the Library, September 2018

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