The new permanent exhibition

The new permanent exhibition in Marx’s birthplace is dedicated to Karl Marx, the person and the nineteenth century critic of society and capitalism. His ideas still appeal to many people.

The exhibition section Biography shows Marx as an oppositionist influenced by the upheavals of the nineteenth century, who is forced into a life in exile in different European cities. In the section Work, Marx’s ideas on philosophy, journalism, social sciences and economy, key areas of his work, are visualised.

The exhibition section Impact leads from the nineteenth century into the present. When Marx dies in London in 1883, he does not leave a closed doctrine, which is created by later generations. In particular, Socialist and Communist regimes from all over the world instrumentalize Marx, who becomes a controversial political figure.

The financial crisis of 2007/2008 triggers the current “Marx Renaissance”.

It has once more drawn the attention to his analyses of the capitalist economic system and his demand for the emancipation of entire mankind. Highlights of the exhibition are new original exhibits such as a draft letter written by Marx and his London chair.


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