15th Global Labour University Conference, March 30-April 1, April 4-5, 2022

The Registration Process to the 15th GLU Conference

To participate at the conference it is mandatory for you to follow the two-step-process. This includes registering for the conference AND creating an account at MyFES.de. Thus, we created a closed community for you to share more information and papers which only registered participants can access.

All Zoom links and corresponding dial-in data/passwords for the conference are available in the Programme and Breakout Sessions sections of this website. You must be logged in at your MyFES-account to access the information (see two-step process).

To receive all necessary information on the conference, it is essential to set the check mark at “Consent to the Use of Personal Data” when registering. If you uncheck the box, FES will not be able to send you any information.

Step 1

Create a MyFES account:

Create an account at MyFES.de, providing your email address personal data, including consenting to the use of this data (box must be checked!).

Step 2

Register for the event

Register for the GLU event using the following link. Please make sure that you are logged into your MyFES-account.

Make sure you are logged in

Once you have completed the two steps described on the left, make sure you are logged in to have access to the internal areas and all information about this event.

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