15th Global Labour University Conference, March 30-April 1, April 4-5, 2022

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- Please note that all indicated times correspond to Central European Summer Time [CEST] -

For Eastern Standard Summer Time [EST] deduct 6 hours, for Brasília Time [BRT] deduct 5 hours, for India Standard Time [IST] add 3.5 hours. For South Africa Standard Time [SAST], there is no time difference to CEST.

March 30 – Opening Day

Opening Plenary: Welcome / Greetings

  • Mark Anner, Penn State University
  • Liz Shuler, AFL-CIO
  • Christoph Scherrer, University of Kassel and ICDD
  • Hugo Dias, UNICAMP Brazil

Moderator: Mirko Herberg, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)

Tribute to Kjeld/Joao with video and remarks by Antonio Lisboa

Plenary I

“The Path to Power: Union Organizing in the US

Julie Su, Deputy Secretary of Labor, USA

Roundtable with US Union Activists

  • Jennifer Bates, Organizing Committee Member Amazon Union Campaign
  • Michael Foster, Organizer, Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU)
  • Sarah B. McCabe, Organizer, Maine AFL-CIO
  • Deb Donovan, a Registered Nurse at Maine Medical Center and member of Maine State Nurses Association (NNU) 

Moderator: Carlos Jiménez


Fred Redmond, Secretary-Treasurer/Executive Vice President, AFL-CIO: "Justice for All: How the AFL-CIO is Moving to Meet the Moment"

Plenary II

“Breaking the Trade Union ‘Glass Ceiling’”, A Conversation with Women Leaders

  • Carmen Foro, General Secretary, Unified Workers' Central (CUT), Brazil

  • Gabrielle Carteris, Actor and President of Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), USA

  • Louisa Thipe, Second Deputy President, COSATU, South Africa
  • Stefanie Nutzenberger, Member of the Federal Executive Board, ver.di, Germany

  • Reema Nanavaty, National Coordinator, SEWA, India

Moderator: Cathy Feingold, Director International Department, AFL-CIO, USA

April 5 - Closing Day

Special Guest Speaker:

Olesia Briazgunova
International Secretary of the Ukrainian Free Trade Unions

Plenary I

Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6: Social Protection, Gender-Based Violence, Racism, Migrant Labour, Authoritarianism

Track speakers:

  • Baba Aye, Track 1, Social Protection
  • Jana Silverman, Track 2, Race and Gender-based Violence
  • Mostafa Henaway, Track 5, Migration
  • Frank Hoffer, Track 6, Authoritarianism

Trade union speakers:

  • Ambet Yuson, General Secretary, BWI
  • Rosa Pavanelli, General Secretary, PSI
  • Myrtle Witbooi, President, IDWF

Moderator: Rebecca Tarlau, Penn State University


Plenary II

Tracks 3, 4, 7: Just Transition, Platform Organizing, Global Supply Chains

Track speakers:

* Edlira Xhafa, Track 3, Just Transition
* Uma Rani, Track 4, Platform Organizing
* Mark Anner, Track 7, Global Supply Chains

Trade union speakers:

* Kemal Ozkan, Assistant General Secretary, IndustriALL
* Natalia Carrau, advisor on Labor and the Environment, Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (TUCA)
* Christy Hoffman, General Secretary, UNI Global

Moderator: Christoph Scherrer, University of Kassel and ICDD

Final Thank You Session

  • Elaine Hui, Penn State University
  • Mirko Herberg, FES
  • Hugo Dias, UNICAMP Brazil
  • Cathy Feingold, AFL-CIO

Breakout Sessions on March 31, April 1 & April 4

Find the Sessions Programmehere.

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