Report by Joseph Stiglitz & Mark Pieth: »Overcoming the Shadow Economy«

The FES exclusively published Joseph E. Stiglitz' and Mark Pieth's recommendations, garnering numerous media reports.

Image: Joseph E. Stiglitz bei einer Veranstaltung der FES am 16. September 2015 of FES (Maren Strehlau)

In their analysis »Overcoming the Shadow Economy«, the Swiss anti-corruption expert and the US-American star economist lay out how the worldwide system of tax havens can be ended.

The authors were members of a commission which was set up by the Panamanian government in order to to formulate recommendations for the restructuring of the country's financial system in light of the “Panama Papers”. However, they resigned from their posts in protest, citing the government's lack of seriousness as reason.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is now publishing their findings in this analysis:

Overcoming the Shadow Economy (Download PDF, FES Intl. Policy Analysis)

The publication has already received widespread media attention:

Süddeutsche Zeitung from 15.11.16:
Starökonom Stiglitz attackiert Europa

Neue Züricher Zeitung from 15.11.16:
Lehren aus den Panama Papers: Stiglitz und Pieth fordern Isolierung von Steueroasen

The Guardian from 15.11.16:
Tax havens helped get likes of Donald Trump elected, experts say

UK Reuters from 15.11.16:
Tax havens should be »quarantined« from global economy - Stiglitz, Pieth report

Le Monde from 15.11.16:
Les Recommendations de Joseph Stiglitz et Mark Pieth pour lutter contre les paradis fiscaux

France 24 from 15./16.11.16:
Donald Trump doit-il son élection à l'évasion fiscale?

ICIJ from 15.11.16:
Experts who quit Panama Papers produce their own report

More information on the event in Brussels, at which the paper was presented on November 15, 2016, can be found News Preview [do not delete!]here.

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