Climate Change Conference 2017 in Bonn

From 6th to 17th November, the member states of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meet for the next round of negotiations in Bonn (COP23). The Republic of Fiji holds the presidency with support of the German government hosting the conference. FES will be there as well. We are organizing different events on climate and energy policy with various partners and seek to ensure that the voices of the Global South are being heard. This year, we are focusing on how to shape a just energy transition that leaves no one behind. And of course, we will update you on what is happening during the negotiation process.

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Making a difference at COP23 - with the FES

Reports on the World Climate Conference 2017

We follow the negotiations on the spot, provide you with background information and let you know about the outcomes. To strengthen climate journalism around the globe, the FES Media Fellowship COP23 this year cooperates with Climate Tracker and supports two young journalists, Alanah Torralba from the Philippines and Alo Lemou from Togo, who participate in this program. They will receive a climate media training, report from COP23 and take part in FES events as well.


‘We shouldn’t give up on universal human rights and climate change’

29.11.2017 News | Interview

Interview with the German Commissioner for Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid, Dr. Bärbel Kofler at COP23 in Bonn.

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A just energy transition for both the Global North and South: How do we get there?

29.11.2017 Rückblick

Report from our workshop at the People's Climate Summit during COP23.

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COP 23: Battleground for Climate Justice

27.11.2017 News

Four years after a desastrous typhoon hit the Philippines, Alanah Torralba reasones for Climate Justice and accountability for loss and damage by the Global North.

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Alanah Torralba reports for the FES from COP23

Alo Lemou reports for the FES from COP23

FES at COP 23

Together with our partners, we are organizing a number of events in Bonn - from official side events to workshops and simulations. Our focus in 2017: Just Transition.

Supporting Young Activists

We are supporting young activists’ involvement with COP23. To this end, FES organizes a two-day youth event including a simulation game, an expert talk and the development of a Youth Agenda. Selected members of the international delegation of FES from Morocco, Jordan, Kenya and Vietnam will also participate and discuss the young people’s suggestions for a just climate policy on November 13th. more information (in German)

more information (in German)

Simulation & Informal Meetings

In order to provide capacity building and necessary information on COP23, FES organizes a simulation of the negotiations at the beginning of the conference and two informal meetings during the conference for our international partners from November 6th to 7th.


Study Tour on Just Transition

Further FES events at this year’s climate negotiations will be all about Just Transition. We will start with a “Study Tour on Just Transition” from November 1st to November 3rd to visit actual sites of industrial transformation in the Rhein/Ruhr Area together with a delegation of 14 international guests. With them and external experts from civil society and trade unions as well as politicians working on energy transformation, we will discuss challenges, chances and social implications of transformation processes.

Workshop at the "People’s Climate Summit"

To examine the possibility of a fair, just and socially inclusive global energy transformation, FES and Bread for the World organize a workshop on “Just Transition” with civil society activists at the People’s Climate Summit, the alternative climate conference on November 7th . At this event, results of the joint study “Guiding Principles & Lessons Learnt For a Just Energy Transition in the Global South” will be presented .


Trade Union Event and Side Event at the German Pavilion

On November 9th, FES will start the day by supporting a DGB-ITUC trade union event on the links between corporate co-determination and climate policy. In the evening, our own side event on ensuring a just energy transition will take place at the German Pavilion @COP23 with speakers from the Global South and in cooperation with Bread for the World.


Official UN-Side Event on Just Transition

On November 15th we will have the pleasure to host an official UN-side event together with Coastal Development Partnership (CDPBD), International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity (CIDSE), Misereor and Public Advocacy Initiatives for Rights and Values in India (PAIRVI Associates). The event will focus on “Just Transition” and bring together civil society representatives and trade union representatives from the region.


Padawangi, Rita

Social-ecological transformation in cities in Asia

Cities as places for transformation ; Discussion paper
Hanoi, 2022

Download publication (4 MB, PDF-File)

Urban spaces - green spaces - inclusive spaces

A regional review on the social-ecological transformation of cities in Asia
Hanoi, 2022

Download publication (6 MB, PDF-File)

Hashem, Mustafa; Yassin, Lina; Al Leil, Ahmad Saba

Negotiations of Arab States under UNFCCC

Interlinkages and recommendations
Amman, 2022

Download publication (10 MB, PDF-File)

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