Unboxing Hate Speech

European Impulses for Respect and Solidarity on the Web

Digital Conference – 18 February 2021

Unboxing Hate Speech: Open Workspace

We all know the upsides of the internet – and the downsides. Far too often, we encounter people who are using it to spread hatred. We invite you to discuss and try out practical defences together with members of the online community who have themselves experienced hate speech. What are the “dos and don’ts” to keep in mind – from counter-speech to legal action?

Be a part of it!


Hands up!
How do you personally experience hate speech?

Discussion with Louisa Dellert, influencer and businessperson

Hands down (on the keyboard)!
The basics of counter-speech. What are the “dos and don’ts” to remember? Try it out with us!

First steps towards a strong counter-speech post with Hannes Ley, #ichbinhier, and Louisa Dellert
Collaborative writing via instant messaging

When counter-speech no longer works – criminal justice aspects of hate speech and the path to taking legal action

Discussion with Dr Christoph Hebbecker, Cologne public prosecution office, North Rhine-Westphalia cybercrime office (ZAC NRW)

What have we learnt? Where is a need for action?

Discussion with Louisa Dellert, Hannes Ley and Dr Christoph Hebbecker

Moderation: Tanja Hille, consultant and presenter

Are you interested in further information and debate on the issue of hate speech?
You can find the full conference programme here.

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