Fair Work in Europe - Transnational structures for good and safe work

Trade unions discuss approaches to support cross-border labour mobility and to combat wage and social dumping at European level.

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Image: of Mark Bollhorst

More and more people are working across borders in the EU. But labor exploitation and disregard for protections are still no exception. New ways are constantly being found of circumventing collective agreements, undermining statutory minimum wages or exceeding maximum working hours. The demands of the trade unions for "equal pay for the same work at the same place" is still not reality for many mobile employees from Eastern Europe - but also from other countries.

The conference "Fair Work in Europe" discussed how union-related structures for information, advice and support for mobile employees can be strengthened or newly created at European level. Advisors report from practice, a study was presented and actors from politics, state administration and trade unions discussed what possibilities exist to better protect mobile workers from exploitation and thus ensure European labour mobility in the long term to give framework.

You can read the detailed report on the conference here.

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