Social democratic news service 1928 - 1933

After the overcoming of inflation and in the wake of the following economic recovery the SPD decided to establish its own press service. Using the latest technology and effective methods this social democratic news service was meant to compete with the existing liberal-conservative services.

Currently the SPD news service published in the Weimar Republic is only availabe as a chronological listing.

Project information and annual overviews (in German language)

Further information on the "Sozialdemokratischen Pressedienst" can be obtained from the booklet by Paul Kampffmeyer "Der Sozialdemokratische Pressedienst (SPD)" (German).

Social democratic press service 1946 - 1995

The central social democratic press service was established in 1946 and became quite popular rather soon. For many decades this service was the only authentic organ of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. It contains verifiable party statements (issued by its elected bodies and representatives) that cannot be retrieved directly from other sources.

Further information (in German language)
Database of the SPD press service

SPD press releases 1958 - 1998

With changing titles like "Pressemitteilungen und Information der SPD", "Sozialdemokraten. Service, Presse, Funk, TV" or "Presseservice der SPD" these press releases were a spin-off of the social democratic press service. Published since 1958 this service mainly informed about programmatic party issues and was meant to offer quick information for the press and for radio or television broadcasting.

These press releases were also used to distribute interviews and statements of social democratic politicians that originally had been published in print media or broadcasted on the radio.

Further information (in German language)

Dababase of SPD press releases

Detailed information on the development of the SPD press releases can be found in the article by Antje Sommer "Vom Pressedienst zur Pressemitteilung" (German).


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