Grey literature of German political Parties, trade unions and related organizations

Our library has a long-standing tradition in collecting the so-called "grey literature" of political parties and trade unions. Grey literature is not regularly handled in the normal booktrade and generally not collected by conventional libraries. This makes our collection of this type of literature even more important.

Below you can find extracts from our catalogue comprising monographic publications from German political parties, trade unions and related foundations (focussing on titles published sine the 1970s). For each mentioned organisation these lists compile the respective brochures, statutes, programmatic documents, collective agreements etc. Both printed and digital publications are included. All lists are permanently updated and enable a comprehensive view on the issues that are discussed in German parties and unions.

Not included are periodicals like magazines, newspapers, annual reports or congress protocols, which can be identified by searching our general catalogue.


Political parties

Trade unions

Political foundations and other related organisations

Publications produced by our own organisation are listed on this page Current FES publications in the FES Digital Library.


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