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  • | Displacement, Migration, Integration | Refugee Policy

    Europe cannot allow itself to be blackmailed forever

    Last week, European leaders decided to extend the EU-Turkey refugee deal. But the agreement has been a complete disaster. Europe needs a new strategy

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  • 07.04.2021 | Displacement, Migration, Integration | Migration policy

    Migrant Health Workers at the Frontlines

    Spotlight Migration and COVID-19: Implications on Rights-Based Labour Migration Governance and Universal Health Care.

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  • | Bildung, Arbeit, Digitalisierung | Arbeit | Displacement, Migration, Integration | Integration Policy | Publikation | Interview

    “Equal Entry” to the Swedish labour market for migrant women

    The Swedish Project “Equal Entry” gains scientifically sound evidence on how to increase labour market integration of migrant women.

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  • 02.03.2021 | Displacement, Migration, Integration | Migration policy | News | Interview

    No borders to equality

    Interview with Paola Cyment about global mapping on organizations working on gender and migration.

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Causes of displacement

Causes of displacement

The causes for flight and displacement are manifold. Understanding their causes is, in turn, the prerequisite for reducing the number of their reasons. more

Migration Policy

Migration Policy

Human mobility in a globalized world: Migration is not a problem we have to solve; rather, it is a challenge we want to accept. more

Refugee Policy

Refugee Policy

From a global perspective, the phenomenon of flight is nothing new; rather, it has been a tragic constant, especially during the past few decades. more

Integration Policy

Integration Policy

The current refugee situation cries out for a political solution. Now is the time to devise policy approaches that encourage integration and fair chances for everyone to participate. more


Freitag, 23.04.21 bis Montag, 26.04.21 -

Web-Seminar: Integration, Zuwanderung und Soziale Demokratie

Integration, Zuwanderung und Soziale Demokratie

Freitag, 23.04.2021, 17:00 bis 20:30 Uhr und
Montag, 26.04.2021, 17:00 bis 20:30 Uhr

mit Hermann Bock, Leiter des Bildungsmanagements im

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Freitag, 23.04.21 bis Sonntag, 25.04.21 - Berlin

Integration, Zuwanderung und Soziale Demokratie

Seminarleitung: Hermann Bock

Integration ist ein Thema, das viel diskutiert wird - vor allem laut und nicht immer sachlich.

Das Seminar Integration, Zuwanderung und Soziale Demokratie hingegen...

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Mittwoch, 28.04.21 - Online

Solidarisch sein! Gegen Rassismus, Antisemitismus und Hass

Was heißt Solidarität in Zeiten wie diesen? Der Psychologe und Extremismus-Experte Ahmad Mansour traf am Tag nach dem Anschlag in Hanau bei einem Workshop Schülerinnen und Schüler, die sich vor...

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Geschlechtergerechte Arbeitsmarktintegration von Migrant ̲ innen

Erfahrungen aus dem schwedischen Projekt "Equal Entry"
Bonn, 2021

Download publication (120 KB, PDF-File)

Borders and Coronavirus

Refugee policy and public discourse in a time of a dual crisis in Greece
Athen, 2021

Download publication (1,5 MB PDF-File)

Synora kai Koronoïos

Prosphygikē politikē kai dēmosios logos tēn epochē tēs diplēs krisēs stēn Ellada
Athen, 2021

Download publication (750 KB, PDF-File)

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