Displacement, Migration, Integration

  • 18.05.2020 | Displacement, Migration, Integration | Migration policy

    Regularisation in Times of COVID-19

    Portugal has recognised that foreigners with pending cases do have the same social rights as the Portuguese, such as the right to healthcare.

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  • | Displacement, Migration, Integration | Migration policy | Gender | Blog

    Vulnerable Workers Made More Vulnerable

    Migrant Domestic and Care Workers in Pandemic Times. By Lena Näre & Elisabeth Wide.

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  • | Displacement, Migration, Integration | Refugee Policy

    COVID-19 and refugees in Asia: A crisis waiting to happen

    Governments, funders and humanitarian agencies must act now to save lives and mitigate the potentially catastrophic impacts of COVID-19 on refugees.

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  • | Displacement, Migration, Integration | Refugee Policy

    The corona crisis doesn't justify suspending human rights

    The coronavirus could spread to overcrowded, unsanitary refugee camps — and the EU can no longer look away.

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Causes of displacement

Causes of displacement

The causes for flight and displacement are manifold. Understanding their causes is, in turn, the prerequisite for reducing the number of their reasons. more

Migration Policy

Migration Policy

Human mobility in a globalized world: Migration is not a problem we have to solve; rather, it is a challenge we want to accept. more

Refugee Policy

Refugee Policy

From a global perspective, the phenomenon of flight is nothing new; rather, it has been a tragic constant, especially during the past few decades. more

Integration Policy

Integration Policy

The current refugee situation cries out for a political solution. Now is the time to devise policy approaches that encourage integration and fair chances for everyone to participate. more


Dienstag, 02.06.20 - ONLINE

Töchter des Aufbruchs - Filmvorführung mit anschließendem Live-Gespräch

Temporeich und mitreißend nehmen uns Filmemacherin Uli Bez und Rapperin Ebow mit auf eine Reise durch die Geschichte von Migrantinnen in Deutschland.
Mit Charme und Tiefgang erzählen die Frauen ihre...

Donnerstag, 02.07.20 bis Freitag, 03.07.20 - +++ ONLINE +++

Webinar: Welche Ziele hat die Migrations-und Asylpolitik der EU?

Freitag, 11.09.20 bis Sonntag, 13.09.20 - Bad Honnef

Helfer_innenseminar: Austausch


Šantić, Danica

Leaving Serbia

Aspirations, intentions and drivers of youth migration
Belgrade, 2020

Download publication (630 KB, PDF-File)

Pedroza, Luicy; López Noriega, José Luis

Las políticas migratorias en América Latina ante los recientes flujos intra y extrarregionales

Bogotá, 2020

Download publication (140 KB, PDF-File)

Ahmetašević, Nidžara

Ljudi u pokretu bez ljudskih prava

Izbjeglice i migranti u Bosni i Hercegovini bez ljudskih prava
Sarajevo, 2020

Download publication (760 KB, PDF-File)

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