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    Visa Privatization: Undergoing or Taking Action?

    An article by Samir Abi, Permanent Secretary of the West African Observatory on Migrations.

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    Migrants, militias and the Mediterranean Sea

    Criminalising NGOs and relying on Libyan militias cannot make up for a European solution in the Central Mediterranean.

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    Pragmatism, not dogmatism

    What Germans think about migration : A summary of the study.

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    The gap between expectation and reality

    The EU cannot close its eyes to the deaths in the Mediterranean. It has to find a humane response to migration patterns.


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    • Displacement: Worldwide, more people are leaving their countries of origin than ever before.
    • Migration: Migration is to be expected in an interconnected and globalized world.
    • Integration: How do we want to live together in a diverse society with peace, safety and equal participation for all?

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Causes of displacement

Causes of displacement

The causes for flight and displacement are manifold. Understanding their causes is, in turn, the prerequisite for reducing the number of their reasons. more

Migration Policy

Migration Policy

Human mobility in a globalized world: Migration is not a problem we have to solve; rather, it is a challenge we want to accept. more

Refugee Policy

Refugee Policy

From a global perspective, the phenomenon of flight is nothing new; rather, it has been a tragic constant, especially during the past few decades. more

Integration Policy

Integration Policy

The current refugee situation cries out for a political solution. Now is the time to devise policy approaches that encourage integration and fair chances for everyone to participate. more


Samstag, 10.08.19 bis Freitag, 30.08.19 - Florstadt

Ausstellung: Demokratie stärken - Rechtsextremismus bekämpfen

Demokratie ist keine Selbstverständlichkeit, der politische Extremismus wendet sich gegen ihre Grundbausteine. Wie bekämpft man erfolgreich Rechtsextremismus? Wie stärkt man Demokratie? Dies und mehr...

Mittwoch, 21.08.19 - Kassel

'Verlorene Mitte - Feindselige Zustände' Vorstellung der neuen Mitte-Studie

Die neue Mitte-Studie befasst sich mit der politisch- und sozialen Einstellung der Bundesbürger_innen. Vermehrt sind in den letzten Jahren Proteste und antidemokratische Stimmen aus der Bevölkerung zu...

Freitag, 30.08.19 bis Sonntag, 01.09.19 - Hofgeismar

Parolen Paroli bieten - Strategien und Argumente für den Umgang mit Stammtischparolen

Diskriminierung, Ausgrenzung, Rassismus und Fremdenfeindlichkeit begegnen uns fast tagtäglich in der Schule, auf der Straße oder am Arbeitsplatz. Jeder kennt Situationen, in denen Menschen, nur weil...


Hermanin, Costanza

Immigration in Italy between two elections

Myths and reality
Rom, 2019

Download publication (180 KB, PDF-File)

Manzanedo, Cristina

Community-based refugee sponsorship in Spain

What are the experiences?
Budapest, 2019

Download publication (200 KB, PDF-File)

Faus, Rainer; Storks, Simon

Pragmatism, not dogmatism

What Germans think about migration : A summary of the study
Bonn, 2019

Download publication (750 KB, PDF-File)

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