The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) has been active in Tanzania since 1968. Since then, it has cooperated with state institutions, civil society organisations, labour unions, educational institutions, and the media. The foundation aims to inform policy-making with a gender sensitive approach in four thematic areas of Gender Justice, Democratic institutions & Political Agency of the Youth, Just and People-Centered Urbanisation, and Trade Unions. It promotes open public discourse, advocating for inclusive and equitable urban planning, and supporting trade unions and those dedicated to achieving gender justice in contributing to the nation’s development model.

With the inauguration of the country’s first female leader in 2021, Tanzania’s political landscape has experienced notable changes. President Hassan has adopted a more conciliatory tone towards the political opposition and civil society, and displays openness to dialogue. However, structural challenges in the political system persist, including ongoing debates over governance and constitutional reforms. The current political era can be characterised by uncertainty, with the outcome of reforms and the trajectory of Tanzanian politics not yet fully realised.

The strength of the governing party, CCM, and the weakness of the opposition and societal actors have created a rigid multi-party political system that needs reforms and innovative power. Innovation and change remain challenging to implement; however, as a result of continuous, value-based cooperation with the CCM, the foundation can carry on a critical dialogue on current deficits of the political system while drawing attention to the Social Democratic model of society.

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Women challenging violence

experiences from Eastern and Southern Africa
Bonn, 2005

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