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Ethiopia has long been considered a stable, capable and development-oriented state in the Horn of Africa. Geostrategically, the country also played an important role in the Horn of Africa and as a security partner of the West in the fight against terrorism. Since the armed conflict in Tigray started in 2020, serious human rights violations and increasing political conflicts in some parts of the country have left deep fissures in Ethiopian society. Reconciliation and the future constitution of the country are currently to be advanced through a National Dialogue.

Against this backdrop, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) is committed to open dialogue and the creation of civil rights and freedoms and political as well as social pluralism. Furthermore, the FES builds on its long-standing cooperation with civil society partners. These are committed to a socially just economic policy, critical participation in the formulation of the government's development goals and the strengthening of trade union representation of interests. The foundation’s office Addis Abeba opend 1992. The FES‘ work in Addis Abeba was also extended by an office for cooperation with the African Union and is also the seat of the Centre of Competence for Flight and Migration.

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Akintola, Lukmon

Africa regional brief: Human rights in the context of cimate-induced migration and displacement

AddisAbaba, 2023

Download publication (700 KB, PDF-File)

Working in the shadows

Informal employment in Ethiopia
AddisAbaba, 2023

Download publication (800 KB, PDF-File)

Gebrehiwot, Berihu Assefa; Tekleselassie, Tsegay Gebrekidan

Employment generation in Africa - learning from good practices

Ethiopia case study
AddisAbaba, 2022

Download publication (10 MB, PDF-File)

A majority working in the shadows

A six-country opinion survey on informal labour in sub-Saharan Africa
Bonn, 2022

Download publication (4,7 MB PDF-File)

Schwettmann, Jürgen

Towards universal health coverage

The cases of Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal and Zambia
Bonn, 2022

Download publication (280 KB, PDF-File)

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