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Lehmann, Volker

"The relationship between Africa and the UN

from disenchantment to a more effective cooperation" ; conference report, Tarrytown, New York, June 20-21,2008
NewYork;Bonn, 2008

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Implementing the right to development

the role of international law
Genf;Bonn, 2008

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Grammling, Steffen

Major setback for WTO's Doha Round

"mini-ministerial" failed and future looks dim - a chance for reclaiming its "development dimension"?
Genf;Bonn, 2008

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Saxer, Marc

Beyond "Heiligendamm" - the G8, emerging powers and global security governance

7th FES-SWP North-South Dialogue, Berlin, April 21-22, 2008
Berlin;Bonn, 2008

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Geiger, Alexander

"Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean"

readjusting the Euro-Mediterranean partnership
Bruessel;, 2008

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Gardner, Stephen

A renewed partnership?

The EU-Africa relationship after the EU-Africa Summit in Lisbon
Bruessel;, 2008

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Schroeder, Frank

Asian perspectives on the future role of the IMF

meeting report
Berlin, 2008, 2009-

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Navarrete, Jorge Eduardo

G8 and "the other five"

creating a constructive relationship - the role of Mexico
Berlin;Bonn, 2008

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Rathgeber, Theodor

Human Rights Council, 6th session part II, December 10-14, 2007, Geneva

Theodor Rathgeber. - Geneva : Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, 2008. - 235 KB, PDF-File. - (Dialogue on globalization
Genf;Bonn, 2008

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Anas, Titik; Friawan, Deni

The future role of the IMF

Asian perspectives
Berlin;Bonn, 2008

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Hesse, Valeska

Mexico at the UN

Valeska Hesse. - New York : Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 2008. - 340 KB, PDF-File. - (Dialogue on globalization
Berlin;Bonn, 2008

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Färber, Christine

Gender budgeting in the civil society

Bonn, 2008

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Partnership with Russia in Europe

a strategy for a win-win-situation? ; 6th roundtable discussion, Morozovka (near Moscow), February 3 - 5, 2008
Berlin;Bonn, 2008

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[Civic education

the role of civic education in a sustainable democracy ; a Thai-German dialogue on 7th February 2008
Bangkok;Bonn, 2010

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GSP+ and Sri Lanka

economic, labour and human rights issues
Colombo;Bonn, 2011

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