Cameroon has been independent since October 1, 1961. Before that, Portugal, Germany, France and Great Britain ruled the country for around 500 years. Since 2016, the Central African country has been confronted with growing conflicts and increasing political and social tensions. Increasing social inequality and poverty, particularly in rural areas, are also major challenges that need to be addressed. In addition, there is a considerable backlog of reforms and investments as well as political challenges such as corruption and dwindling trust in political institutions, which are hampering the country's development. The 40-year colonial history has shaped and divided the country, and the effects, such as the different anglophone and francophone school and court systems, can still be felt in the everyday lives of Cameroonians today.

The security situation in Cameroon has been tense for years: In the North-West and South-West regions, various separatist groups have been fighting against the government army for an independent state since 2017; in the Far North region, there have been deadly attacks and kidnappings by Boko Haram since 2014; and in the East region, Seleka rebels from the neighboring Central African Republic have been committing violent crimes against civil society. These three armed conflicts are responsible for around two million refugees and internally displaced persons.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung has been active in Cameroon since 1987 and focuses its work on strengthening participatory democracy in Central Africa, supporting socio-ecological transformation, democratizing and reforming the security discourse, promoting and adhering to the criteria of sustainability and social justice in economic development and promoting gender equality. It attempts to achieve its goals through workshops, conferences, regional exchange forums, studies and publications, political consultations and targeted training measures.

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Kilembe, Faouzi

Die Gewährleistung der Sicherheit in der Republik Zentralafrika: "Mission impossible?"

Yaounde, 2015

Download publication (650 KB, PDF-File)

Onuoha, Freedom C.

A danger not to Nigeria alone

Boko Harams's transnational reach and regional responses
Abuja, 2014

Download publication (1,4 MB PDF-File)

La voix de la jeunesse: reforme du secteur de l'education en faveur de l'emploi des jeunes

Yaounde, 2014

Download publication (1 MB PDF-File)

Voice of youth on education sector reform for youth employment

Yaounde, 2014

Download publication (745 KB, PDF-File)

Manuel de structuration d'un parti politique

Yaounde, 2014

Download publication (1,6 MB PDF-File)

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