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The "Compass 2020" project represents the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung’s contribution to a debate on Germany’s aims, role and strategies in international relations. "Compass 2020" was started in 2007, the year in which German foreign policy had been very much in the limelight due to the country’s presidency of the EU Council and the G8. Since then, some 30 articles written for this project as well as a number of events provided an overview of the topics and regions that are most important for German foreign relations.
All the articles are structured in the same way. Firstly, they provide information about the most significant developments, the toughest challenges and the key players in the respective political fields and regions. The second section analyses the role played hitherto by German / European foreign policy, the strategies it pursues and the way in which it is perceived. In the next section, plausible alternative scenarios are mapped out illustrating the potential development of a political field or region over the next 15 years. The closing section formulates possible points of departure for German and European policy.

Compass 2020
Germany in international relations

A synthesis of all single articles, written by Jochen Steinhilber, summarizes trends and perspectives of German foreign policy in the year 2020. The author identifies social justice, global inclusion, the role of the state and the legal regulation of international relations as future cleavages between a conservative, a liberal and a social democratic foreign policy. [download pdf]

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