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  • 20.09.2017 | Flucht, Migration, Integration, Fluchtursachen | News

    New York Declaration on Refugees: A One-Year Report Card

    A year after the first ever U.N. refugee summit, policy expert Jeff Crisp examines the four key objectives of the Comprehensive Refugee Response...

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  • 14.08.2017 | Flucht, Migration, Integration, Fluchtursachen | News

    “When I Picture My Future, I See Nothing”

    Syrian refugees' life in Turkey. A brief outline of the most important challenges.

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  • Word Cloud "Fluchtursachen Made in Europe"
    12.07.2017 | Flucht, Migration, Integration, Fluchtursachen, Politik für Europa – 2017plus | Publikation

    Causes of Flight »Made in Europe«

    Edited volume on European policy and its relationship with migration and flight now available in English and Spanish.

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  • 22.06.2017 | Flucht, Migration, Integration, Fluchtursachen, Globale Politik | Veranstaltung

    A Critical Time for the Future of Migrant Rights

    How the People’s Global Action on Migration, Development and Human Rights strengthens Migrant Rights Movements from the Local to the Global

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    Events, projects, analyzes and background information:

    • Displacement: Worldwide, more people are leaving their countries of origin than ever before.

    • Migration: Migration is to be expected in an interconnected and globalized world.

    • Integration: How do we want to live together in a diverse society with peace, safety and equal participation for all?

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    Overall Coordination

    Dr. Manuela Erhart

    Head of Project

    Felix Eikenberg



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  • Themes

    Causes of Displacement

    There are various reasons why people flee from their homes. Understanding the causes of migration is a precondition for reducing them.

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    Work with Refugees and Volunteer Supporters

    We do not want to talk about refugees but rather need a dialogue with them! We facilitate building networks between refugees, political decision makers, representatives from public administration and civil society.

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    Integration of Refugees

    We need public policies to tackle the integration of refugees. Now is the time to come up with ideas for policies that facilitate integration and equal participation.

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  • Media

    Refugee Policy - Europe and its borders

    Caught in the middle – Migration in Ethiopia

    Unseen Shadows - Those who are left behind


Montag, 25.09.17 bis Freitag, 06.10.17 - Gießen

Eröffnungsveranstaltung: Demokratie stärken - Rechtsextremismus bekämpfen

Demokratie ist keine Selbstverständlichkeit, der politische Extremismus wendet sich gegen ihre Grundbausteine. Wie bekämpft man erfolgreich Rechtsextremismus? Wie stärkt man Demokratie? Dies und mehr...

Dienstag, 26.09.17 bis Mittwoch, 27.09.17 - Rathenow

Demokratische Bildung auf Arabisch

geehrte Damen und Herren,

plötzlich in einem anderen Land zu leben bedeutet, dass man sich vielen Veränderungen anpassen muss. Manche Dinge funktionieren hier anders als in Ihrer Heimat, wirken...

Donnerstag, 28.09.17 - Erfurt

Freundschaft geht durch den Magen - gemeinsames Kochen von Geflüchteten und Erfurter_innen im Rahmen der Interkulturellen Woche der Stadt Erurt


Boros, Tamás

The EU quota ruling

What are the reasons for the Hungarian government's reaction?

Download publication (150 KB, PDF-File)

Körting, Ehrhart; Molthagen, Dietmar; Bilkay Öney

Was ist zu tun?

Deutschland zwischen islamistischem Extremismus und Islamfeindlichkeit : Fortschreibung der Handlungsempfehlungen einer FES-Kommission

Download publication

Les causes des migrations dues aux politiques "Made in Europe"

politiques européennes et corrélations avec les migrations

Download publication (420 KB, PDF-File)

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