Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft
International Politics and Society


Information for authors

INTERNATIONAL POLITICS AND SOCIETY encourages authors to submit for publication manuscripts that analyze or discuss

  • foreign policy issues proper (including security policy)
  • political developments in certain regions of the world
  • political developments (including foreign policy debates) in particular countries, to the extent they are internationally significant or paradigmatic for other countries as well
  • transnational developments that are or can become politically relevant (e.g. global market or international communication trends, issues of global governance, etc.)
  • societal developments and issues that are not confined to a specific country but apply to a significant part of the world (e.g. democracy in „Third World" countries, rise of fundamentalism, changing gender roles, changing patterns of work and employment, welfare state issues, etc.).

We also welcome manuscripts that take well-argued position – also if it is not our own – in current debates on foreign or international policy issues.

INTERNATIONAL POLITICS AND SOCIETY prefers a form of presentation that aims at maximum in-formation and insights per unit of reading time. Articles should have less than 6,000 words, if possible.

As an author, keep in mind that your article will enter a highly contested market for attention, i.e. that readers have to be seduced to start and to go on reading. Titles, headlines, introductory sentences should raise the reader’s expectation that the article will be

  • highly informative and/or
  • intellectually stimulating and/or
  • entertaining (without being superficial).

Announce the main points you are going to make at the beginning of your contribution (so as to structure the reader’s expectation and to provide an incentive to read on). Try to get a bit of message into the title. Avoid titles such as „The EU at the Crossroads", „The Future of Transatlantic Relations" or „Whither the Welfare State?"

Do not only address the small community of your expert colleagues but a wider public that might be interested your topic. Avoid insider language. Use footnotes thriftily, if at all. Accentuate your points without unduly simplifying them.

You can choose yourself the format of quotations and references to literature. But ensure internal consistency (commas, periods, colons; names, first names, initials; etc.)

Attach an executive summary (not an abstract!) of about 300-600 words. It should present the article’s main line of reasoning and the conclusion it arrives at but not describe its intentions or its structure. Use direct language. Never write „the article discusses…" or „the author shows…"!

The members of the journal’s editorial board decide jointly on the selection of manuscripts, if deemed necessary after consulting with outside experts. These decisions are taken on the basis of the quality of manuscripts and the importance of their topic as well as with a view on the journal’s longer-run thematic balance. Authors are notified as soon as a decision has been taken.

The editors reserve the right to shorten manuscripts and to change headings so as to enhance the article’s competitiveness in the market for attention.

Send manuscripts as attached world-documents via e-mail to or else on diskette to Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, D-53170 Bonn, Germany

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