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Online-talk with Heval Bozbay - Kurdish archaeologist in Hamburg

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The Kurdish archaeologist Heval Bozbay successfully searched for traces and evidence of past civilisation on the territory of present day of Turkey. But after he had publicly criticized the Turkish government, he was permanently banned from archaeological excavations in the country. He lost his position as junior professor at the Nevsehir University of Applied Sciences as he has signed the so-called "Peace Appeal of the Academics", in which more than 3,000 university members called on Erdogan's government to resume peace negotiations in the Kurdish crisis areas. After numerous threats, Heval Bozbay seized the opportunity to come to Hamburg, thanks to the Hamburg Foundation for the Politically Persecuted (Hamburger Stiftung für politisch Verfolgte).

Dr. Sinem Adar is Associate at the Centre for Applied Turkey Studies (CATS) at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (in German Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik). She researches and writes about Turkish domestic and foreign policies as well as about the country’s relation with the EU.

Together with Dr. Sinem Adar and Heval Bozbay we will discuss the current developments in Turkey, the impact of the war in Ukraine on Turkey’s domestic and foreign politics and possible opportunity for a Turkish-Kurdish understanding in the nearer future.

The conversation will be held in English without translation.

A Cooperation with Hamburg Foundation for the Politically Persecuted.

Participation is free of charge. Sponsored by 'Landeszentrale für politische Bildung der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg'.

Registration is required via the "Anmelden" button on this page.
Registered participants will receive the access data for the online discussion as well as technical and data protection information by email on the 11th of May.


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