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The role of Germany and the EU in protecting the Right to Development

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The Sustainable Development Report of the United Nations states the following:

- Nearly one in three people in the world are affected by food insecurity
- At least one in three women have been subject to physical or sexual violence
- The pandemic and global as well as regional conflicts will increase the amount of income inequality around the world
- The number of refugees has more than doubled since 2010
- Countries need stronger global financing in order to take more effective action against climate change

The basic universal human rights are all internationally recognised as inalienable rights protected by international agreements, leaving the states with the obligation to fulfill them. But are the states really willing to honor their duties and protect those rights?
The Declaration on the Right to Development 1986 states that “Development is a human right that belongs to everyone, individually and collectively.” Everyone is “entitled to participate in, contribute to, and enjoy economic, social, cultural and political development, in which all human rights and fundamental freedoms can be fully realized”.
This seminar shall analyze the role of Germany and the EU in international cooperation and in protecting the Right to Development by focusing on their commitments, actions and inactions and if they are contributing to Global inequality. We shall briefly introduce the main goal of the Right to Development, its history and its implementation mechanisms while offering an in-depth analysis of the topic. The topic will be addressed through a cooperation and human rights-based approach and by enabling discussions about realizing our global goals and commitments.



Freitag, 30.09.22
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