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Mittwoch, 02.05.18 - Hamburg (19 Uhr - Baseler Hof, Gartensaal)

'It Was Too Hard To Share What We Experienced' - Interview with concentration camp survivor Mindu Hornick, her daughter and her grandson

Veranstaltungsnummer: 223140

At the age of 12, Mindu Hornick, daughter of a Jewish family, was deported from Czechoslovakia via the Terezin ghetto to the extermination camp Auschwitz (where her mother and two little brothers were murdered). Together with her sister Eva, Mindu was brought to Luebberstedt-Bilohe, a satellite camp of the Neuengamme concentration camp, for forced labour. The two sisters were liberated in spring 1945. After initially having returned to Prague, Mindu Hornick emigrated to Great Britain and raised her own family.

Mindu Hornick will talk about the persecution of her family, her life in concentration camps and - together with her daughter Nicola Foster and her grandson Alexander Foster - about the influence of her persecution and the killing of her family members on her own family life as well as her social commitment until today.

Ulrike Jensen, historian and employee of the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial.

The event will be in English only.

Place of event:
Baseler Hof Säle (Gartensaal)
Esplanade 15
20354 Hamburg


Mittwoch, 02.05.18
19:00 bis 21:00 Uhr



Esplanade 15
20354 Hamburg (19 Uhr - Baseler Hof, Gartensaal)


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Rathausmarkt 5
20095 Hamburg
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