FES TUCC mourns the passing of Comrade Jedidah Njue

Jedidah Njue's passing is a loss for the labour movement on the African continent, and women workers, in particular.

Bild: Jedidah Njue

Trade Union Competence Centre (TUCC) send heartfelt condolences to the family, friends of Jedidah Njue and her union Kenya Union of Democratic, Hotels, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Allied Workers. The passing of Jedidah on 5 October 2020 has left us feeling bereft. She has become a friend of the TUCC in the last couple of years. We met Jedidah as a participant in the Engage Program 2018, a short course that we co-host with Global Labour University at Wits University in South Africa.

Comrade Jedidah established herself as a leader within a group of trade union officials and activists and was elected by her fellow participants as one of the representatives for her class. She continued to participate in a variety of other courses, exhibiting a deep desire to continue to learn and develop her leadership skills as a trade unionist.

Jedidah had a generous spirit and warmth towards others, and her multiple contributions to the struggle of workers and securing of social justice will not be forgotten. Nor will her support to TUCC projects at different times and in different roles. She was truly an incredible person, her passing is a loss not only for our network trade union alumni, but more importantly, for the labour movement on the African continent, and women workers, in particular.

We will miss her. And we will always remember her.

Watch Comrade Jedidah Njue's Testimonial as a GLU Alumni and take away with you the below quote, which we hope will encourage you too to use all tools available to you to inspire your own testimony

"Ask courageous questions.
Do not be satisfied with superficial answers.
Be open to wonder and at the same time subject all claims to knowledge, without exception, to critical scrutiny.
Be aware of human fallibility.
Cherish your species and your planet."

-Carl Sagan

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