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Gockel, Augustine Fritz; Vormawor, Dennis

Trade union country reports: the case of Ghana

a background paper
Bonn, 2005

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Trade unions in Botswana

country report 2003
Gaborone, 2004, 2007

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Artur, Maria José

Trade unions in Mozambique

baseline survey
Maputo, 2012

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Rechmann, Werner

Consolidating working class power for quality jobs

COSATUs 8th national congress, 16 - 19 September 2003. Midrand
Bonn, 2004

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Nyirenda, E. J.; Shikwe, Adrian

Trade union country Report Zambia

Lusaka, 2003

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Diakhate, Babacar

Le droit syndical au Sénégal

Bonn, 1999

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Briscoe, Andrew

Legal aspects of the registration of public sector staff associations as trade unions

a report
Bonn, 1999

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Briscoe, Andrew

Review of the procedures for the resolution of industrial disputes in Botswana

a report
Bonn, 1999containslikstoimagefiles

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Banda, Darlington Amos

The trade union situation in Zambia

an overwiew of the law, practice and the way forward ; a monogram
Bonn, 1999

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Pawar, Paul Komlah

The Ghana Trades Union Congress

A brief report
Bonn, 2005

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