Abel Alier and Mahgoub Mohamed Salih, Sudan
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Human Rights Award 2004

Abel Alier and Mahgoub Mohamed Salih, Sudan

Political context

After a civil war that lasted many decades, the comprehensive peace treaty between North and South Sudan was signed on January 9, 2005 in Kenya. Today - 2 1/2 years later - the implementation of the peace treaty is coming to a standstill and the foundation of trust between North- and South-Sudan is unravelling dramatically. While the country is heading for its first free elections for decades and a referendum on the independence of South Sudan is to be held in 2011, there are still no visible substantial improvements in democratising the country. Additionally, the newly escalated Darfur War (Western Sudan) and crises in other regions jeopardise the stability of the country. If the political difficulties are not surmounted towards a peaceful integration of the regions into the political system of Sudan, the disintegration of Sudan is inevitable.

Human rights award 2004 Human rights award 2004 Human rights award 2004 Some impressions of the award

The Awardees

With the Human Rights Award 2004, the journalist Mahgoub Mohamed Salih and human rights lawyer Abel Alier are honoured for being leading voices for peace and human rights in Sudan.

Alier and Salih are two symbolic figures, who are respected throughout the country and by all generations. Due to the completely split society of Sudan, the presentation of the FES-Human Rights Award to a South and a North Sudanese is symbolic for the reconciliation between the two parts of the country. It represents the appreciation of these two outstanding characters and sets a positive example in difficult times.

Further Information
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