Professor Ewa Letowska
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Human Rights Award 1995

Professor Ewa Letowska, Polen

Political context

During the post-communist era, the new democratic governments were facing big challenges. The principles of democracy, a constitutional state and an economic transformation had to be established, but it was also important to raise the public awareness about human rights and freedom.

Some impressions of the award

The Awardee

Law professor Ewa Letowska, Polish „Commissioner of Civil Rights”, received the Human Rights Award of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung on May 19th, 1995. Mrs. Letowska was the first Commissioner for civil rights in Poland and held this office from 1987 to 1992. Due to her fundamental work, her political independence and her public activities to raise awareness about constitutional and civil rights, she gained great popularity, which led to the identification of her person with her function. Ewa Letowska, as „Commissioner for Civil Rights“ of the Polish parliament, played an important role during the transition into a pluralistic democracy and due to her commitment to a constitutional state and individual human rights, she gained a lot of respect among the Polish public. As a lawyer, she engages in the enforcement of human rights in many ways on a national as well as on an international level.

Today, Mrs. Ewa Letowska is a judge at the Polish Constitutional Court. The Polish Sejm (comparable with the British House of Commons, constitutes the parliament together with the Senate) appointed her as judge in 2002.

Further Information
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