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Global Media Forum: Overcoming the dark sides of online comments

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Vivid communities and a true dialogue with readers are a sign for participation and a democratic public sphere. Many newspapers are active in social media networks, such as Facebook, where people can comment on posts. Yet, at the same time opportunities to leave a comment are restricted, because moderation costs and benefits of lively discussions stand back in the face of hate speech.

Journalists wonder about proper ways to deal with discrimination and hate. The session invites to jointly think about what we know about online comments on media platforms and how we can advance the idea of participation.

  • Who is participating?
  • How can we improve diversity in comments sections? Which experiences and practices do we have?
  • What is the share of discrimination online? How shall we deal with hate speech?
  • Which technical tools exist, that are helpful for an editorial staff?



Dr. Sabine Fandrych – Head of Political Academy, Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation


Becky Gardiner

Becky Gardiner, senior lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London and series editor of The Web We Want. She is comment editor at the Guardian and has analysed 70.000 comments in the project “The dark side of Guardian comments”. She will present the findings of her analyses and explain which instruments are effective.

Niddal Salah-Eldin

Together with her small team she has been successful in regaining the comments section of the German newspaper WELT on Facebook. Her formula against hate comments: clear statements, facts, activation of the silent readers as well as a touch of humour and serenity. She will give some insights into her successful social media strategy. On top of this she will tell us why she also works with offline community management and strives for an exchange with readers beyond the comments section.


Juliane Leopold

She has studied journalism and communication in Berlin and works as freelance journalist. She advises the media and other enterprises in digital transformation processes und assists them to reach and enlarge their public amid the various media sites on the internet. Until 2016 Juliane Leopold has been founding head of the media start-up BuzzFeed in Germany. Since 2017 she works as freelance consultant, e.g. for the German public TV newscast Tagesschau.

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